10 Things Your Dance Teacher Might Not Tell You

  • Dance teachers want their students to succeed!
  • Dance teachers work just as hard outside of the studio! Researching, training, choreographing, music editing, performance prepping, office work, and more.
  • Dance teachers love to be thanked.
  • When dancers are tired and a little sore, it means they have been working hard and the dance teacher feels they have done their job well.
  • Not everyone can be a dance teacher, it involves patience and passion.
  • Dance teachers are love when their dancers reach their personal goals!
  • Dance teachers know that the best dancers are the ones who are respectful, work hard, and apply corrections!
  • Teaching dance involves much more than simply teaching steps.
  • What dance teachers want most is to share their passion for the art of dance!
  • Dance teachers consider you part of their dance family for life!


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