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Dancers Need Self-Care!

Dance is incredibly demanding, especially at a professional level. Dancers give an incredible amount of mental and physical energy to their art form. For most dancers, dance is their life and sometimes they forget to nurture themselves. Here are some self-care tips for dancers: For the dancer that feels "burnt out": Have a “muscle pampering” session: start with a hot bath or shower, put on some warm clothes, turn on a movie, and spend a good couple of hours rolling out your muscles with a foam roller and a tennis ball. Follow that up with a good stretching session.Drop a few things from your to-do list and get a good night of sleep!Have a meal out at your favorite restaurant.Grab a friend, get a take-out tea or coffee, and go for a walk. Spending time in nature has energizing effects. But, keep the conversation light- complaining or gossiping will only leave you more drained.Get a deep-tissue massage.Use your body in a different way. Although doing more exercise can seem count…