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Dance Studio "Loyalty"

There is a term that is used in the world of dance studios: studio-hopper. The term is typically used to describe a dancer who bounces from studio to studio. Rather than labeling a dancer as a studio hopper, ask the dancer what they are looking for in a dance studio. My goal as a dance teacher is to work with a dancer as an individual even in a class setting. Every dancer is unique and it is important for them to learn and develop their art in the best possible environment.

A dancer should want to go to class. It is a wonderful thing when a dancer finds a studio that they feel at home at. If the dancer is unhappy and complains about the studio they are attending, then why should they continue to go there? Often dancers feel they are stuck at their studio out of some sort of loyalty. They may really like one teacher or one particular class, but the rest of the time they are miserable. Eventually, those dancers turn away from dance because they equate their bad studio experience with da…